It’s now the first day of 2014, 2013 was a fun and exciting year for me. The user base of my apps has grown and my app Note l!st has even been featured on the front page of XDA and Google Play! I Would like to thank everyone for the kind words and all the help improving my apps.

Now it’s time for some stats.

I Have published 20 app updates and 26 blog posts.

My apps have grown from around 6.000 active installations to over 200.000 current active installations.

Some blog statistics. These are Word press statistics and search engines are filtered out:

  • 83,264 total page views.
  • The busiest month was April with 8.683 page views so far.

To take this into perspective, in 2012 the blog had 24.932 page views in the entire year.

I Can only thank you all for taking the time to read my posts and the great feedback you all gave.

Happy new year!

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