Android: Wish l!st gets picture support with it’s latest update

Last month the interface of Wish l!st had a big make over. Now with the latest release Wish l!st you can add also pictures to your wish list items, take pictures with your camera or select one from your gallery. Of course the clean interface is kept and even improved.

Try out the latest version of Wish l!st, available on Google Play and SlideMe.

Wish l!st version v1.9

Change log v1.9

  • Added: You can now add photos to your items.
  • Fixed: When selecting 0 stars as priority the priority color of an item could be the wrong color.
  • Fixed: The comment edit in the edit item screen was only showing 3 lines of the comment.
  • Changed: Modified the layout of the view item and item list screen.
  • Changed: The priority indicators in the item list are now in flat color.
  • Changed: The comment field will now automatically capitalize the first word of a sentence.
  • Changed: Modified the layout of the splash screen and about screen.
  • Reduced the app size.
  • Minimum Android version is now 2.2

Download from

Google Play

Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 1Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 2Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 3Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 4Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 5Wish l!st version v1.9 screenshot 6

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