Android: Note l!st update adds a recycle bin

Note l!stWith the new update of Note l!st you no longer have to worry about accidentally deleting an important note. The added “Deleted notes” folder shows all deleted notes before you choose to permanently delete or restore them.

The update also adds higher resolution icons for use with high resolution devices and has improvements for the user interface.

Change log v2.5

  • Fixed: The app would crash with an IllegalStateException when pressing back in the share dialog.
  • Added: Deleted notes folder. Deleting a note will now first move it to the deleted notes folder, from there you can permanently delete or restore notes. This folder will auto hide if there are no deleted notes available.
  • Added: XHDPI version of icons.
  • Changed: The note content will now automatically capitalize the first word of a sentence.
  • Changed: Some font sizes for tablet layout.
  • Changed: Switched the save and discard buttons in the edit note screen.
  • Changed: Action bar layout of edit folder screen
  • Changed: Back button setting is now only visible on tablets.

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