Android: Note l!st update 2.1

New version of Note l!st is released.

This update adds sorting, an option to install a shortcut to quicky add a note from your homescreen and a preview line for each note

Here’s the complete change log:
– Added: Sorting option for the note list screen.
– Added: Sorting option for the folder list screen.
– Added: Option to the settings screen for installing a shortcut to add a new note from your homescreen.
– Added: App font option in the settings screen.
– Added: Credits option in the setting screen.
– Changed layout of edit note screen, notes list and folder list
– Changed layout of the about screen
– Default font is now the same for all Android versions.
– Changed the app icon

Downloads are here:
Google Play

2 comments on “Android: Note l!st update 2.1

    • Hi Gringo,

      Thanks for the compliment.
      At this moment the app can only edit notes that are created from the app itself. Maybe in future updates there can be an import function to import text, but that’s not on the todo list in short terms.

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