Android: My third app (Linear Clock) hits Google Play!

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After weeks of hard work my third app is finally ready and available in the Play store.

Make your phone more linear with these stylish widgets.

Linear Clock adds a whole new way of stylish time display to your phone. The unique linear timeline is a fun and nice variety of other digital or analog clocks which are available for Android.

Make your home screen a bit more linear with the various widgets which you can customize with various themes and scale options, the useful wizards will help you to achieve this without difficulty.

*INTRODUCTION DISCOUNT OFFER: For a limited time the pro edition is priced up to 15% discount. (Current Google Play store price is including discount.)
This offer last till 23 June 2012.*

2 comments on “Android: My third app (Linear Clock) hits Google Play!

  1. Nice widget. It really is something completely different.

    One remark though: I think the selection for first and second band should be more emphasized. At first I didn’t notice that I have already chosen the first band. Some kind of click confirmation feedback should be done. I must admit not knowing in which way. Maybe a yellowish border that quickly fades in and out after having selected one of those items? Or showing a preview of what the widget looks like with what has been selected now?

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it.
      I will think about the issue. I also noticed that the preview images are a bit small. It might help if I make them a bit larger. An selection color is also a good idea though.

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