Android: Linear clock gets an update v1.1

New version of Linear clock is released.
This version should fix compatibility problems with some Android devices, this was due to the fact that the Pro and Lite version used the old Android Market copy protection. Users of the Pro and Lite version now need to activate the app once, make sure your internet connection is turned on and start the main application.

Here’s the change log:
– Added Dutch translation
– Due to old copy protection there were compatibility problems with some devices.
This is replaced with an Activate dialog, uses Google Play License. (Pro/Lite)
– Changed the size of the preview images in the configuration wizards.

Downloads are here:
Pro version
Lite version
Free version

2 comments on “Android: Linear clock gets an update v1.1

  1. Hi Martin, i have an small free application, and i am having the same issue you had (Crash on ICS devices when returning to a previous screen)
    Can you please give me some tips on how solve that issue.



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