Important notice for Note list users

I Got an important message for Note l!st users about some up coming changes.

Important notice for Note l!st users.
Note l!st is growing and so are it’s features. To keep being able to develop new updates and give support there are some changes made in the in upgrade model. From now on some new features that are added to the app will fall under the pro category. To get access to the pro features the app will offer an pro subscription.

If you have previously used the option to make a donation and remove ad banners from the app, you will receive a limited time free pro subscription. This subscription will last from 01-Oct-2013 until 01-Apr-2015. During that time you will have access to all pro features.

For users that have made a donation to use Note l!st without banners, once the free pro subscription ends you will still be able to use Note l!st without ad banners but access to the pro features will be disabled. Of course at that time you can also subscribe to the pro subscription and unlock the pro features again.

To sum up. In the next version there will no longer be a donate function. This is replaced by a pro subscription option. if you have bought the donate function in previous versions you will get 18 months free pro subscription starting from 01-Oct-2013, after that your version of Note l!st will still be ad free.

The update is currently in beta test stage. If you would like you can still purchase the donate upgrade with the current version, this way you can also benefit from the free 18 months pro upgrade.

I Would like to mention again that only some new features will require a pro subscription, all features from the current available version will remain accessible with or without a pro subscription.

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