Android: Get organized with the latest update for Note l!st

Note l!stOne of the key features of Note l!st is it’s folder structure. The latest update has improved the folder structure to give you even more options to organize your notes. Here is an overview of the additions made in the latest version:

New “High priority” special folder

You can now get a quick overview of all your important todo notes. When you enter a note with a priority of 3 or 4 stars these notes will become visible in the new special folder called “High priority”. From within the folder you get a quick overview of your important notes and have the option to mark all of them as completed with one action. The folder will also automatically hide itself when all important notes are completed or archived, this will keep your folder list clean.

Archive folders

Sometimes you want to save a note but do not want to keep it in your active folders. The new archive folders feature helps you store these old notes. You can create new folders and mark them as archive folder. These archive folders will be shown at the bottom of your folder list and they will only be shown if you have notes stored in them. When you clean up your archive folder and it becomes empty it will be automatically be hidden in the folder list to keep a clean interface. These folders are always visible in the edit note screen so you can move a note to an archive folder. If you want you can also mark a complete folder as archive by editing the folder and checking the is archive check box.

The new update will add one archive folder called “Archive” to your folder list. You can add as many archive folders as needed.

New icons

The new update features three new folder icons for you to use for your folders.

Backup manager

The backup to SD card function has also got an update. The backup/restore options in the settings screen are replaced with a backup manager. With this backup manager you can quickly create a new backup or restore one. It also gives you a summary of any backup and you can now delete backups from within the app.

Change log v2.7

  • Added: New special folder High priority notes.
  • Added: Archive folders.
  • Added: Three new folder icons.
  • Changed: Backup manger.

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2 comments on “Android: Get organized with the latest update for Note l!st

    • Hi Utan,

      I Think I have also gave you an answer on XDA but just to be sure here is the answer to your question:
      You can backup your notes to your external card by selecting the preference option in the menu in the main screen. From there select the backup manger option. With the backup manager you can create new backups (by pressing the + icon on the action bar) and/or restore old backups. Backups are saved on the external card in the folder “Backup/cubeactive.notelist”.

      Cloud storage is not possible at this moment.

      – Martin