Android: Five great websites for Android developers

I Wanted to share some of my Android bookmarks with my readers. I’ve picked five websites that are a great resource for Android developers. So without further ado, here are the five websites in random order.

Android SDK reference

Any developer that wants to write software for Android must bookmark this webpage. The official SDK reference covers every object in the Android SDK and will offer you an answer to most of your questions. It’s the most complete Android SDK reference guide on the web.

Android design guide

Before writing any Android app I strongly advice developers to take a look at the Android design guide. Reading this guide will give you a good idea on how to create a consistence user interface that complies to the latest Android design guidelines. The guide covers everything from the usage of color schemes to how to use the new action bar. It also has a action bar icon package for download and other downloadable resources.

Making money with Android forum

Making money with Android is a blog started by David covering his journey to reach $ 1000,- a month income from Android app’s. He reached his goal last year and started a forum for developers to discuss writing software for Android. It’s a great place for developers to talk about developing, publishing and marketing their apps.


Stackoverflow is a big community site for developers. If you want to find a solution to a development issue this is the place to look first. The massive number of posts are a great resource to find answers to your questions. And if you run into a problem that has not yet been discussed there are many developers willing to help you out.

Grokking Android

Wolfram Rittmeyer, a software-developer from German and Grokking Android is his blog. This blogger offers great tutorials for Android. If you are just looking for a nice read or get some new idea’s, make sure to put Grokking Android in your RSS feeds.

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