Find notes quickly with the new search feature in Note list for Android

Note l!stIf you have many notes it can be difficult to find the once your are looking for quickly. Now Note l!st will allow you to search your notes and find them with ease.

The latest update also adds quick share feature to create a note by using the share function in other apps.

Change log v2.9

  • Fixed: Crash when using the home button on editing an empty new note.
  • Fixed: Possible crashes related to the in app purchase option.
  • Added: Search function.
  • Added: Support for Androids share feature.
  • Added: Two new folder icons.
  • Changed: In tablet mode the back key now works as expected from Android apps.
  • Changed: Removed the back history option from the preference screen in tablet mode.

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2 comments on “Find notes quickly with the new search feature in Note list for Android

  1. Good day,
    I use touch list and am satisfied. Only I can not bring colorful notepads (widgets) onto the Home screen. Also how do I get them there?
    Many thanks for your help.

    Guten Tag,
    ich benutze Note List und bin zufrieden. Nur kann ich nicht die bunten Merkzettel (widgets) auf die Home screen anbringen. Auch welche Weise bringe ich sie dort an?
    Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.

    • Hello Jan,

      To add a note to your home screen you need to go to your home screen and select the add widget option (on some devices this is a long press on the screen, on others open the app drawer and select widgets) From there select the large or compact note widget to add to your home screen. The app will then let you select a note to display. To change the color of the widget, you can press the on the note widget to edit your note, in the edit note screen you can select the color icon in the toolbar to change the color of the note and widget.