Android Development Books

The Best Android Development Books
I’ve compiled a selection of my favorite books for Android development.

You will find this selection to be organized in categories for beginners, advanced developers and a category for books on design. I Hope this list is useful for you.

Recommended books for beginners and intermediate developers

If you are new to Java development you can take a look at the Beginner’s Guide from Oracle, it explains the fundamentals of the Java development language.

If you want help with developing your first app and learn the basics of Android development one of the following books can be a good place to start.

Recommended books for advanced developers

If you already know your way around the Android SDK these advanced books will be more suited for you.

Recommended books for UI design and design in general

I Really like the Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams. It helped me to understand some basic design fundamentals and create better designs very quickly. The way the book is written it is easy to understand and gives you great tips that you can use in multiple applications
Smashing Android UI by Juhani Lehtimaki explains the basics for making UIs for Android apps. At this moment the book is a bit out of date since it was published in 2012 but I have not found a better book following up on this topic. You can look at the preview of the book on Amazon with the link below and see if it is an useful book for you.

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